Brahmi - Bacopa Monnieri

Found in wet, tropical environments Brahmi has been used for centuries by ayurvedic practitioners for a variety of purposes including memory improvements, anxiety reduction and supporting overall brain health.

Using a class of powerful compounds called bacosides, Bacopa monnieri also contains powerful antioxidants to help protect cells against the harmful effects of free radicals.

When fat molecules undergo lipid peroxidation, which is when they react with free radicals, it can cause changes in the body that are linked with several conditions related to neurodegenerative diseases.

Brahmi supports brain function, especially learning and retaining information by helping dendrites, or nerve cells of the brain.

By supporting the body to deal with cortisol, the stress inducing hormone, bacopa monnieri can help to calm the body during times of stress or anxiety.

Overall, Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri is a powerful herb that can help support neural function, and help to support the body during times of stress and anxiety.

Bacopa Monnieri supplements (Brahmi supplements) can be taken in Bacopa Monnieri capsules or Bacopa Monnieri tablets and purchased online. Simply Nootropcis Elevate includes a daily active of 300mg.

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