Choline Bitartrate

Choline is an essential nutrient that supports numerous vital bodily functions, including cell maintenance. The body uses the choline to produce the fats that make up the cell membranes. It is also the precursor to acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in memory.

Choline bitartrate is the most recognised form of Choline and has been extensively studied in clinical trials. There are multiple critical biochemical pathways that Choline participates in including muscle control, lipid transport, and to synthesise phosphatidylcholine sphingomyelin, two important phospholipids.

Whilst we produce choline endogenously in the liver, the amount the body synthesises is not sufficient to meet our needs, therefore we must also obtain it from our diet and supplementation.

When we are low in choline it can cause muscle damage, liver damage and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Though it is rare, it is important to ensure that we get enough to perform at optimum levels.

Choline Bitartrate supplements (citocholine supplements) can be taken in Choline Bitartrate capsules or Choline Bitartrate tablets and purchased online. Simply Nootropcis Elevate includes a daily active of 50mg.

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