L-theanine is a unique non-protein amino acid found in green tea. As a phytochemical, it is ingested every day by millions of people, and has been found to help prevent stress-related anxiety and memory issues.

It has long been proposed that L-theanine has neuroprotective properties that also help to enhance cognitive function. By moderating alpha activity it helps play a role in attention related activities and more importantly by helping the body to achieve a deep restful state of sleep.

With a chemical structure that is very similar to glutamate, a naturally occurring amino acid, L-theanine can appear to mimic glutamate in transmitting nerve impulses in the brain. The body does not naturally produce L-theanine, so we must gain it from diet and supplements alone.

L-theanine may also affect chemical levels in the brain, including serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals can influence mood, sleep, emotion and have an effect on stress related chemicals like cortisol. Changes in the balance of these chemicals and change mood and stress levels as well as inhibit deep sleep.

L-theanine supplements can be taken in L-theanine capsules or L-theanine tablets and purchased online. Simply Nootropcis Elevate includes a daily active of 200mg.

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